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CANNAMIGO Beanie "Herzensbrecher"

This makes your unisex beanie from RUBDE unique!

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Cuddly Material.

Kids, teens, twens, men, women, singles, couples - everyone can wear this beanie made of super cuddly acrylic, regardless of sex and age. It is chic and sporty, nice and trendy at the same time. It protects effectively against wind and cold. And it doesn't scratch! As unisex one size it fits perfectly on your head thanks to the cuddly material.


High-quality processing.

If we describe the quality of the beanie as "high quality", then this is no empty phrase. Besides the material, the double layer processing of this beanie is also of high quality. In combination with the elasticity of the special knitting pattern and the great fit, this results in the always pleasant wearing comfort of your Beanie2.


Ingenious patch principle.

Most beanies are boring. Just a cap. Even if they have some urban style. We said to ourselves, "That's different". Every beanie needs a patch. This genuine leather patch is attached to the cover with two snap fasteners. So you can take it off at any time and put a new patch on it. Best of all, you'll have cool ideas and use our configurator to create your own patches. This way you can collect your own patch library over time. And what's more, these patches also fit on your RUBDE Cap.


Not without your buddy.

The beanies from RUBDE are not just caps. They are smart fashion, real little buddies. And that's how it goes: A digital NFC tag is integrated behind the cover of the beanie, concealed and inconspicuous. It works like a mini computer. You can program it yourself with a mobile phone and let your friends read out what you've entered. This can be an electronic business card, a link to your social media account or your favourite website or the guest login for your WLAN at home. What do you need? A simple, free smartphone app. Have Fun!


At a glance.

This makes your unisex beanie from RUBDE unique:

  • MATERIAL: The cuddly, cuddly acrylic fabric and the processing of all materials offer high product quality.
  • PATCH: The always replaceable genuine leather patch enables you to send endless messages.
  • CONFIGURATOR: You can easily create your own patches with the configurator
  • NFC tag: The NFC tag integrated behind the envelope serves as a digital buddy ready at all times.
  • PROGRAMMING APP: You can easily program the NFC tag yourself with a free app on your smartphone.

And then we have two clues for you:

  • The individually designed patches are a high-quality, handmade product made of organic material. Minimal differences can occur, for example in colour and thickness.
  • Sometimes our hut burns. Then the individual production of your patch takes a little longer. Please allow up to seven working days for the delivery of your Cap2.

Have fun and thank you for choosing RUBDE. Now you are "Different Indeed"!

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